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Empower Your Finances: The Online Banking Features for Your Wellby Savings Accounts

January 24, 2023

By Travis Sink

When you open an online bank account, you need a financial partner that is on your side with features that benefit your financial well-being every step of the way. At Wellby, that is exactly what we strive to provide. Every feature of your Wellby savings account is designed to help you build a financial future. We focus on making life easier and more affordable without all the old pitfalls of just-the-numbers banking institutions of the past.

There are a number of helpful banking features available for those who have opened a Wellby savings account. We've designed our tools to help manage and improve your day-to-day finances - and help you reach your long-term financial goals. Let's outline these features and spotlight how (and why) to make the best use of each one for your financial journey.

Setting Up Direct Deposit

setting up direct deposit.pngDirect deposit is a great feature available to anyone who has opened a savings account. With direct deposit, you can eliminate the delay between getting paid and having those funds available in your account. And, you can do this with direct electronic transfers. With Wellby online accounts, you can choose to have your direct deposit send funds to one or multiple savings accounts.

This allows you to set aside your determined amount to save every single month, without the risk of forgetting or accidentally spending your savings buffer.  The smartest way to save is to take your savings amount off the top of your paycheck before you have a chance to start spending. This ensures that you save automatically for your house-buying or nest-egg-building fund every month.

To get started, all you need is to complete a direct deposit form from our website and submit it to your employer's payroll/HR department, then set up your desired direct deposit settings in your Wellby online account.

Our team is available to help with any questions or assist you in setting up your direct deposit.

Mobile & Online Check Deposits

online check deposits.pngEven in the age of digital banking, many employers, clients, and business contacts still pay with paper checks. Many people take a paper check to the bank every month to deposit it with a teller or deposit it at the nearest ATM. But with Wellby, you can easily cut this routine out of your life and promptly access your funds quicker with online and mobile check deposits.

Taking your check to the bank after being paid is another hassle we can help you avoid with a Wellby savings account. Wellby's online banking features make it possible to deposit a check online or even through your mobile phone. This way,  you don't have to wait to see your payment in your online balance.

Deposit your checks on-the-go and enable quicker access to your funds with online and mobile check deposits. Whether you have just been paid by check for local trade, you occasionally receive checks from clients, or your employer routinely provides a paper check instead of direct deposit, Wellby has you covered and is here to make it easier to manage your daily finances with less hassle.

Our helpful tutorial video will walk you through mobile and online check deposits so you can access your checks quicker, on time, every time.

Online Bill Pay

online bill pay.pngWellby also makes it easy to pay all your bills online and automate your most important bills through our online bill pay feature. Never risk missing rent or utility payments again by setting up automatic payments. Wellby's friction-free online bill payment makes it easy to both enroll in routine online payments and monitor your finances while automated payments are active. You can also manually pay your bills online for those you prefer to review before clearing the payment.

We seek to alleviate much of the stress that comes from managing your monthly bills. Online bill pay can reduce the time it takes to manage your household finances and reduce the stress of remembering to pay your bills at exactly the right moment. This can give you more time and energy to focus on your long-term financial goals.

Enrolling in online bill payment can be done directly online and only takes a few moments. You can also adapt your automatic bill pay settings at any time, depending on how your costs and circumstances evolve over time.

Person-to-person Payments

person to person payments.pngWellby can also help make person-to-person payments safer, easier, and more transparent. We know that local trades, services, and purchases often occur between individuals instead of businesses, and we know that paying in cash or check can be risky.  Wellby's online payment features can help you send money safely and securely from person to person online and through the Wellby Mobile App.

By adding a payee directly to the app or online, you can then send secure payments to anyone for just about anything like neighborhood services (babysitting, yard work, and so on), small vendor purchases,  and day-to-day expenses like splitting the lunch check with a friend.

Person-to-person payments are a fast and secure way to take care of life's little expenses, creating transparent transaction records and eliminating the need to carry cash or personal checks.

Utilize Your Savings Account to Its Full Potential

utilizing savings account.pngFew financial institutions encourage you to explore every feature of your account and utilize it to its full potential, but that's what we're all about here at Wellby. We have put together a suite of online banking features designed to increase your financial control, empower your financial goals, and reduce the daily stress of managing household finances. Let us help you automate your savings and bills. Explore the tools available to both receive and send payments on the go, and dive into your personal banking portal to discover the full scope of what every Wellby financial account has to offer.

Make full use of the online banking tools available to you and take charge of your personal finances like never before. Whether you're looking to fuel your long-term savings goals, make your day-to-day banking easier, or all of the above, Wellby is here to help you achieve your full financial potential.

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About the Author

Travis Sink is an Ohio native who flew south for the winter in 2014 and never went back. An avid consumer of all things from the tech and financial industries by day, he spends his evenings relaxing with his wife and dogs either reading, playing sports for local rec-leagues, or learning how not to burn dinner again.

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