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Wellby Financial

Wellby Credit Cards

Busy lifestyles require simplified banking. Your Wellby credit card makes that happen.   

The Right Card with the Right Benefits

Whether you’re looking for traditional benefits or premium rewards, we’ve got the card for you.

  • Contactless cards for faster checkout while on the go.
  • Travel and emergency assistance services at no extra cost.
  • Earn reward points that are redeemable for gift cards, electronics, travel, and more

No Fees When Used in the U.S.

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No Annual Fees

Unlike most credit cards, your Wellby Visa Platinum and Platinum Rewards credit cards come with zero annual service fees. 

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No Penalty Fees

Your card comes with no late payment fees, no over-limit fees, and no penalty rate increases. 


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No Cash Advance Fees

Need cash in a hurry?
Use your Wellby credit card to get a cash advance with competitive interest rates with no additional fees. 

  • Transfer Your Balances

With a Wellby Platinum credit card, you can transfer high-interest rate balances from existing cards at other financial institutions to help you save money on monthly payments. 

  • Competitive Interest Rates 

With competitive interest rates, you can finance your purchases without breaking your budget.  

  •  In-house Support Staff 

Looking for personalized service? We have knowledgeable team members within our branches to make sure you’re getting the best card to fit your personal needs. 

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Wellby Visa Platinum Card

With a great low rate and excellent benefits, the Visa Platinum credit card is a great avenue to save money and maintain your daily finances.

Wellby Visa Platinum Rewards Card

Earn points on everyday purchases from fuel to groceries. Those points can be put toward rewards like gift cards, travel, electronics, and more, all with no annual fees!

Visa Platinum

Visa Platinum Rewards


Visa Platinum

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)Annual FeeBalance Transfer Fee

7.90% - 15.90%



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Let's Get Started

Your everyday credit card should help make managing your finances easier, not bog you down with unwanted fees and red tape.

Wellby Credit Card FAQs

Learn more about your Wellby Visa credit card options.

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