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Motorcycle Loan

For any brand, class, or style, we can help hit the open road sooner.

Ride with Peace of Mind

Ready to take your ride to the next level? We can help make it a reality! With a unique Wellby motorcycle loan, we can find the right plan for your financial well-being and next adventure.

Find A Rate To Meets Your Needs

While you're shopping for the perfect bike, we'll focus on getting you a competitive rate. As a member-focused not-for-profit organization, we return profits to you through robust benefits, like lower interest rates.

Apply with Ease

Our quick and easy online loan application can be completed anywhere, anytime. The journey to own your dream motorcycle can begin faster than you think.

Loans Designed for You

Our loans are tailored to you. They have no payoff penalty, no hidden fees, and you can make payments quickly and easily online. We’re here to remove barriers from your journey, not add them.


Motorcycle Loan

TermAnnual Percentage Rate (APR)Loan Amount

Up to 24 months

as low as 2.84%

Up to 36 months

as low as 3.80%

Up to 48 months

as low as 4.05%

Minimum $4,000

Up to 63 months

as low as 4.30%

Minimum $7,500

Up to 72 months

as low as 4.55%

Minimum $7,500

Apply for a Motorcycle Loan

Ready to turn your dreams into a reality? Begin your motorcycle loan application online today!

Wellby Motorcycle Loan FAQs

Learn more about your Wellby motorcycle loan options.

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Common Questions

How many months can I finance a motorcycle loan?
Can I apply for a loan if I haven’t found a motorcycle yet?
How do I know if my motorcycle loan is approved?