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Wellby Financial

ATV Loan

Looking for adventure off the beaten path? Let us help you get there faster.

off roading on a new adventure with your dream atv thanks to a vehicle loan from Wellby

Find Your Adventure

Life is a journey, so why not explore a little more off-road? With a Wellby ATV loan designed for your financial well-being, we can help put you in the driver's seat sooner than you think.

Apply in Minutes

You can apply for a Wellby ATV loan in minutes with our easy and simple online application. Spend less time applying and more time planning your next off-road adventure.

Freedom to Roam

Our loans give you more freedom. Wellby ATV loans have no hidden fees or payoff penalties and can be paid quickly and easily online or through your mobile app - from anywhere.

a percent sign with a downward arrow showing the money you can safe with a lower interest rate from Wellby

Save Money

We return our profits to you through rewarding member benefits like lower interest rates. Spending less on interest gives you more to put toward your next big adventure.

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ATV Loan


Auto Loan (New & Used)

Term Model RangeTermAnnual Percentage Rate (APR)
2021-2023Up to 48 monthsas low as 4.99%
2021-2023Up to 84 monthsas low as 5.79%
2019-2020Up to 48 monthsas low as 5.29%
2019-2020*Up to 84 monthsas low as 6.09%
2017-2018Up to 48 monthsas low as 6.19%
2016-2018Up to 77 monthsas low as 6.89%
2015 and olderUp to 66 monthsas low as 9.09%

Apply for an ATV Loan

Your off-road adventure could begin in just a few minutes. Start your online loan application today and take the first step in making your dreams of ATV ownership a reality! 

Wellby ATV Loan FAQs

Learn more about your Wellby ATV loan options.

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Common Questions

How many months can I finance an ATV loan?
Can I apply for a loan if I haven’t found an ATV yet?
How do I know if my ATV loan is approved?