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Wellby Savings Plus

Our high-yield savings account is designed for higher balances.

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Take Your Savings Further

Pair your Wellby Savings Plus account with any Wellby checking account and double your savings rate** to earn up to 4.08% APY*

Earn More by Saving More

Receive higher dividend rates on higher account balances, plus benefits to fit your unique needs.

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  • Tiered interest rates increase the more you save.
  • $0 monthly service fee.
  • No minimum balance required after opening.
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Low Initial Deposit

Start your Wellby Savings Plus account with only a $25 initial deposit. Make your money work for you, even when you’re starting small.

Higher Dividends - Still Zero Fees

You shouldn’t have to pay to save. With a Wellby Savings Plus account, you’ll never pay a monthly service fee, regardless of your account balance.

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Identity Theft Recovery Services

All Wellby members with a savings account receive complimentary identity recovery services. If you suspect identity fraud, a specialist is standing by to help.

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Wellby Savings Plus Rates

Compare Savings Accounts

ProductWellby SavingsWellby Savings PlusWellby Achievement SavingsWellby Early Start SavingsWellby IRA SavingsWellby IRA Certificates
Initial Deposit$0$25$5$5$0Varies
Monthly Dividends
Direct Deposits
Online Account Management
Mobile Account Management
No Minimum Balance
Identity Theft Recovery

Ready to Start Saving?

You’re just a few clicks away from starting your new financial journey.
Let’s reach your dreams together.

Wellby Savings Plus FAQs

Learn how to turbo-boost your savings with a Wellby Savings Plus account.

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Common Questions

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Are there any monthly service fees for a Wellby Savings Plus account?
Is there an initial deposit requirement to open a Wellby Savings Plus account?