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Wellby Savings Plus

Our high-yield savings Money Market Account is designed for higher balances.

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Take Your Savings Further

Pair your Wellby Savings Plus account with any Wellby checking account and double your savings rate** to earn up to 4.08% APY*

Earn More by Saving More

Receive higher dividend rates on higher account balances, plus benefits to fit your unique needs.

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  • Tiered interest rates increase the more you save.
  • $0 monthly service fee.
  • No minimum balance required after opening.
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Low Initial Deposit

Start your Wellby Savings Plus account with only a $25 initial deposit. Make your money work for you, even when you’re starting small.

Higher Dividends - Still Zero Fees

You shouldn’t have to pay to save. With a Wellby Savings Plus account, you’ll never pay a monthly service fee, regardless of your account balance.

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Identity Theft Recovery Services

All Wellby members with a deposit account receive complimentary fully managed identity theft recovery services. If you suspect identity fraud, a professional is standing by to help.

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Wellby Savings

Wellby Savings Plus

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Primary Savings

BalancesDividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Minimum Opening DepositMinimum Balance to Earn APYMinimum Balance to Avoid Service FeeDividends CompoundedDividend Credited

Compare Savings Accounts

ProductWellby SavingsWellby Savings PlusWellby Achievement SavingsWellby Early Start SavingsWellby IRA SavingsWellby IRA Certificates
Initial Deposit$0$25$5$5$0Varies
Monthly Dividends
Direct Deposits
Online Account Management
Mobile Account Management
No Minimum Balance
Identity Theft Recovery

Ready to Start Saving?

You’re just a few clicks away from starting your new financial journey.
Let’s reach your dreams together.

Wellby Savings Plus FAQs

Learn how to turbo-boost your savings with a Wellby Savings Plus account.

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Common Questions

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