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Boat and Watercraft Loan

Set sail toward your financial dreams with our competitive rates.

Boat Loans That Won't Break Your Budget

Whether you’re after a catamaran or a speedboat, we’ll help you determine which loan option best fits your budget and monthly payment goals.  

Flexible Terms

Own your boat on your terms. Choose from a variety of term lengths that work best for your goals

Send Payments While on Deck

Manage your payments online, from wherever your adventures take you. 

Competitive Rates

As a member-focused not-for-profit organization, we return our profits to our members through lower loan interest rates. 


Boat & Watercraft Loan

TermAnnual Percentage Rate (APR)Loan Amount

Up to 24 months

as low as 2.84%

Up to 36 months

as low as 3.80%

Up to 48 months

as low as 4.05%

Minimum $4,000

Up to 63 months

as low as 4.30%

Minimum $7,500

Up to 75 months

as low as 4.55%

Minimum $10,000

Up to 84 months

as low as 5.75%

Minimum $10,000

Up to 108 months

as low as 6.25%

Minimum $10,000

Up to 132 months

as low as 6.70%

Minimum $10,000

Up to 156 months

as low as 6.95%

Minimum $20,000

Up to 180 months

as low as 7.20%

Minimum $20,000

Apply for Your Boat Loan

It’s smooth sailing from here. Apply for your boat or watercraft loan today with our easy online application.

Boat & Watercraft Loan FAQs

Learn more about your Wellby boat & watercraft loan options.

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Common Questions

How many years can I finance a boat loan?
Can I apply for a loan if I haven’t found a boat yet?
How do I know if my boat loan is approved?