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Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Unlock endless possibilities with a Wellby Visa Platinum Rewards credit card.

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Earn Points on Everyday Purchases

From groceries to gas, in-store and online, your Wellby Visa Platinum Rewards credit card pays you back for your everyday purchases.

  • Shop Ampre card-linked offers to earn points while shopping online. 
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent with your Wellby Visa Platinum Rewards card.
  • Redeem your points online quickly and easily to receive gift cards, electronics, and more!

No Penalty Rate Increases

Accidents can happen, which is why your interest rate won’t automatically increase if you’re late making a payment.

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No Balance Transfer Fees

Stuck with a large balance on a high-interest card? Transfer your balance to your Wellby Visa Platinum Rewards card to potentially save money on interest payments as you pay down your debt.

No Annual Fees

As a not-for-profit organization, our profits are returned to our members with benefits that include no annual fees on our Wellby Visa Platinum Rewards card.

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Visa Platinum

Visa Platinum Rewards


Visa Platinum

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)Annual FeeBalance Transfer Fee

7.90% - 15.90%



Reporting a Fraudulent Charge

A fraudulent charge is a transaction you did not initiate.

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your debit or credit card, you should take the following actions:

  1. Deactivate your card by signing in to online banking or our mobile app. Go to Accounts > [Account Name] > Manage Cards. Or, select the account tile on the dashboard, and select Manage Cards.
  2. Contact us immediately at (281) 488-7070 or (800) 940-0780, or via a secure message in the online banking portal or mobile app to cancel your card. You can also visit one of our branches.

If it's after hours and you are not able to deactivate your card using online banking or our mobile app, please call (866) 692-9364 to place an immediate freeze on your card. Contact us the following business day to cancel your card.

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Ready to Start Racking Up Rewards?

Applying online for your new Wellby Visa Platinum Rewards card only takes a few minutes and you can start earning points toward your next reward as soon as possible.

Platinum Rewards Credit Card FAQs

Learn more about the Wellby Visa Platinum Rewards credit card.

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