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Building Dreams 

Wellby Financial is partnering with Bay Area Habitat for Humanity through both donations and volunteering to support our neighbors in need!

Our Partnership

In 2023, we donated $150,000 to sponsor a home build with Bay Area Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit home builder assisting families in our community. This donation will provide a local family with a secure and well-constructed home while offering a significant step in their journey toward financial prosperity. Our partnership highlights our shared commitment to supporting our community by ensuring everyone has a safe place to call home.

Living Our Purpose

This partnership exemplifies our shared dedication to supporting neighbors during difficult times, empowering them to triumph over challenges, and helping make their dream of becoming a homeowner a reality.

Owning a home nurtures a deep sense of belonging and paves the path toward financial independence. This collaboration is more than just building walls—it's about laying down the foundation for a family's brighter and financially stable future.

Project Timeline

October 2023: Donation presented to Bay Area Habitat for Humanity

January 2024: Groundbreaking Ceremony

April 2024: Wall Raising Ceremony

(Anticipated) August 2024: Home Dedication

Moments Captured

"Through partnerships like this, we aren’t just building a house; we are truly building the next step on a family’s journey toward a better, more financially secure future.”

~ Marty Pell, President & CEO