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Overdraft Services

Because sometimes, the unexpected happens and you need to use tomorrow’s money, today.

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Accidents happen. Stay protected during your everyday spending.

Account overdrafts are often unexpected and occur while you’re going about your daily business. Based on your Wellby account type, you’ll have a range of overdraft protection services to rely on when the unexpected happens. 

Overdraft Ease™

Overdraft Ease is an optional, no-fee service to help you avoid overdrawing your account and prevent overdraft fees for checks, automatic payments, and recurring ACH payments. The coverage limit is typically up to $20, however, the limit is based on account history and activity*. The balance will need to be repaid in full to ensure your account is returned to a positive balance.

Available Accounts

  • Wellby Spending
  • Wellby Spending Plus
  • Wellby Secure Spending
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Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection allows you to link a Wellby savings account or a line of credit as a backup in case accidental overdrafts occur. When an overdraft occurs on your checking account, the exact amount needed to prevent the overdraft is transferred from your linked account with no additional transfer fee, ensuring enough funds are available. Overdraft Protection covers all transactions, including ACH, checks, ATM, and debit card purchases.

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Available Accounts

  • Wellby Spending
  • Wellby Spending Plus
  • Wellby Secure Spending
  • Wellby Achievement Card

Overdraft Steward

Our Overdraft Steward program covers potential overdraft transactions at Wellby’s discretion* (based on your account history, deposits you make, and the transaction amounts). Based on these criteria, Wellby may pay any overdraft transactions for a small fee per transaction. If Wellby does not pay your transaction, it will be declined or returned unpaid. Unpaid items may also be charged a fee for insufficient funds.

Available Accounts

  • Wellby Spending Plus
  • Wellby Secure Spending
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Compare Checking Accounts

ProductWellby SpendingWellby Spending PlusWellby Secure SpendingWellby Achievement CardWellby Early Start Checking
Initial Deposit$25$25$25$10$10
Monthly Fee$0$10/Free*$6/Free$0$0
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Overdraft Service
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Identity Theft Recovery
Expanded Identity Theft Protection & Mobile Phone Coverage*

Overdraft Services FAQs

Learn more about our overdraft services and how you can opt-in today.

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