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Savings Accounts

Dream big and build toward your future with a Wellby Savings Account.

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Savings Made Simple With Wellby Savings Accounts

We make saving easier to help you reach your financial goals faster.

We Offer Savings Accounts Tailored to Your Needs

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Watch Your Money Grow

Earn dividends on your account balance, putting you one step closer to your goals.


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Hit Your Milestones

Split your direct deposits into personalized savings buckets, letting you work toward that next big purchase without thinking about it.

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Secured and Insured

Have peace of mind knowing your funds are insured through the NCUA, and your account offers fraud monitoring and security alerts.

Mobile Banking App

Your Wellby Mobile App allows you total access to your funds and savings, so your money travels with you.

Convenient Banking

Our online banking platform gives you complete control of your accounts from the comfort of your home.

Member Benefits

Being a Wellby member provides additional benefits you won’t find at nationwide banks like lower fees, competitive dividend rates, and a personalized experience.

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Wellby Savings

Your dreams are worth saving for. Start your journey and achieve your goals with a Wellby Savings account today.

Wellby Savings Plus

A high-yield savings Money Market Account to keep your funds liquid while you earn more with higher dividends.

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Wellby Certificates

A certificate pays a fixed rate of interest for its designated term length. Term lengths and investment tiers vary, with higher dividend rates available on higher investments.

Wellby Youth Savings Accounts

Designed for kids ages 4-17, the Wellby Early Start and Wellby Achievement Savings accounts offer tools to help your child save responsibly while learning good financial habits.

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Wellby IRA Accounts

Traditional and Roth IRA Accounts allow you to start saving for retirement right away. Contributions and dividend growth may be tax deductible with fee-free withdrawals depending on your account selection. We recommend all members consult their tax advisor concerning the deductibility of dividends.

Safe and Secure Direct Deposit in Minutes

Set up or switch your direct deposits right from your Wellby mobile banking app in minutes! No need to go to your HR, manage mountains of paperwork, or experience delayed start times. Stay in control of your financial data, your paycheck, and your savings with the safest and fastest way to deposit your paycheck.

Don't Wait to Start Saving

Start your journey today by opening a Wellby online savings account and find just how easy it can be to reach your goals.

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Primary Savings

Wellby Savings

Wellby Savings Plus

Wellby Achievement Savings

Wellby Early Start Savings

Wellby IRA Savings


Primary Savings

BalancesDividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Minimum Opening DepositMinimum Balance to Earn APYMinimum Balance to Avoid Service FeeDividends CompoundedDividend Credited

Compare Savings Accounts

ProductWellby SavingsWellby Savings PlusWellby Achievement SavingsWellby Early Start SavingsWellby IRA SavingsWellby IRA Certificates
Initial Deposit$0$25$5$5$0Varies
Monthly Dividends
Direct Deposits
Online Account Management
Mobile Account Management
No Minimum Balance
Identity Theft Recovery
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Let's Get Started

Our online savings account application is just a click away and only takes a few minutes to complete. Get started today to enjoy Wellby member benefits.

Savings Accounts FAQs

Learn how you can save toward your goals faster and easier while growing your savings.

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Common Questions

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