Wellby, Powered by JSC FCU Board of Directors Names Martyn Pell as New President & CEO. Visit our newsroom to learn more.

Join Us on April 19, 2022, for Our Annual Meeting & Board of Directors Elections.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to remove the fear of dreaming so you can live life uninterrupted.

Our Commitment to You

We believe in dreams, and our goal is to support yours by removing the barriers on your financial journey. 

Who We Are


When our members win, we win, and we’re committed to making that happen.


We strive to see, listen, and truly understand our members, so we can meet their needs.

Continuously Improving

We listen, we learn, we innovate, and we challenge ourselves to continuously set a new standard.

Empowering You to Reach Your Dreams 

We’re proactive, motivating, and supportive of you as you seek to achieve your dreams. 

Providing the Tools You Need to Succeed

Our innovative products and services provide you with the tools you need, when you need them. 

Tailoring Products to Suit Your Needs

Our focus personalization allows us to better serve you and your unique financial needs

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Our Purpose FAQs

Learn more about our commitment to our members. 

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