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Member Advocacy Group

Learn how our Member Advocacy Group helps us shape the future of Wellby.

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At Wellby, you're more than an account holder, you're an owner of our Credit Union and a valued member of our Wellby community. We appreciate your unique opinion and insight about our organization and we want to hear from you.

We created our member advocacy group to meet regularly to share insights with Wellby leadership on business processes, products and services, new service delivery channels, and community events.

Our responsibility as a Credit Union is to provide the best solutions and processes possible to support you, our members, and the community. We believe the recommendations provided by our member advocacy group can help us create the best path to prosperity together.

Role and Responsibilities of the Member Advocacy Group

It is the responsibility of each individual of MAG to ensure they maintain the MAG Member Requirements necessary to meet the responsibilities commensurate with their role. Core responsibilities include the following:

  • Attend the monthly meetings and be engaged in sharing feedback both verbally and in writing.
  • Attend specified public relations events and be engaged in related activities.
  • Serve as an advocate for the organization within the community.
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MAG Member Requirements

  • Must be a Wellby Financial member in good standing and possess a credit rating devoid of unexplained bankruptcies, collections, or excessive personal indebtedness.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age and have not been employed by the Credit Union or any subsidiary during the past two (2) years; nor be an employee, officer, or director of another financial institution.
  • Must be of the highest moral and ethical character and exhibit objectivity in representing the Credit Union and the Credit Union membership's best interests.
  • Must possess interpersonal skills that facilitate good working relationships with other MAG members and the communities the Credit Union serves.
  • Each MAG member will be both independent and financially literate. Additionally, MAG members should be active members of the Credit Union utilizing a variety of our services and products.
  • All prospective MAG members will participate in an interview process.
  • All selected MAG members must sign the Credit Union’s non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and complete a background check with an acceptable outcome.
  • Team members of the Credit Union must apply internally to be considered for MAG.

Additional Ways to Provide Feedback

If you’re interested in sharing your insights and feedback in other ways, consider joining our Member Insights Panel!

Our Member Insights Panel is a group of members who share their thoughts and opinions with Wellby through various methods, including surveys, focus groups, one-to-one interviews, mystery shopping, or user testing.

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