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Wellby Financial

Annual Meeting & Board of Director Elections

Join us April 18, 2023

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we hold our Annual Meeting and Board of Director elections each spring. Our 2023 Annual Meeting and Board elections will be held on April 18, 2023.

Purpose of the Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting is an opportunity to hear from the Board of Directors and Credit Union leadership about strategic and financial matters of the organization. Additionally, it involves electing Board Member candidates to open Board positions. Wellby Financial members are considered owners of our organization, and we encourage you to be a part of the Annual Meeting process.

Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors is the governing body that represents the collective voice of our membership. They’re responsible for the overall conduct, direction, and stability of the Credit Union.

Election Process
Per our bylaws, the election is conducted through an application process. Candidates are selected by the Nominating Committee or by petition. The Nominating Committee names at least one candidate for each position available and the results will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

2023 Election
The election will not be conducted by ballot when only one member is nominated for each position to be filled. There will be no nominations from the floor, and the Board Chair may take a voice vote or declare each nominee elected by general consent or acclamation at the Annual Meeting.

Petition Information
Accepted petitions will include signatures of 500 Credit Union members and each address, phone number, printed name, and signature. The petition must contain information sufficient to identify the signee as a member eligible to vote and satisfy all requirements of our bylaws. Petitioners must also submit their full name, address, phone number, background, financial training, and qualifications (including having submitted an online application for a currently open Board of Director position) along with the petition and a signed certificate from the petitioning nominee stating they agree to the nomination and will serve if elected to office. All petitions must be submitted to the Credit Union no later than February 2, 2023.

We will notify members by March 14, 2023, of any contested open Board of Director positions.

For questions or comments regarding the nomination process, please email BoardNominations@wellbyfinancial.com.

Join Us
Look for more information about our Annual Meeting and Board of Director Elections, including the time and location of the meeting, over the next few months.