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Person-to-Person Transfers

Send money to anyone. Anytime and anywhere in the U.S.

Designed for Your Unique Life

Whether you’re paying a pet sitter from your favorite vacation spot or helping out a friend down the street, sharing your money shouldn’t be complicated. We empower you to have complete control of your finances, including transferring money to anyone, anywhere in the U.S. With just their phone number or email address, you can quickly and securely send money directly from your Wellby bank account with no checks or cash required.


Send Money with Confidence

P2P (Person-to-Person) Payments cuts down on fees and hassle.

Secure. Fast, safe, and reliable transactions you can trust.

Simple. No headaches required, just the recipient’s name and phone number or email address.

Speedy. Recipients can access funds as early as the next business day.

P2P Payment Process

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Step 1

Log in to the online banking portal or mobile app and select Bill Pay from the left-hand menu.

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Step 2

Navigate to Transfers on the menu and select "+ Add a payee" to add a new person for payments.

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Step 3

Select your payee, amount, delivery date, and funding account for your online payment. Then submit!

Available Wherever You Are, When You Need It

We make person-to-person transfers simple with the Wellby mobile app.

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Person-to-Person Transfer FAQs

What to find out more about our sending money person-to-person? Here are a few common questions.

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Common Questions

Can I send a person-to-person payment to anyone?
How long does it take for my recipients to receive their funds?