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Electronic Documents

Take your accounts paperless by opting into Electronic Documents to receive your documents electronically.

Why Opt-in for Electronic Documents?

Get your statements, accounts notices, and letters quickly and easily, without the mailbox clutter. 

  • Access a seven-year archive of your documents in one convenient place. 
  • Receive your correspondence faster than you would by traditional mail. 
  • Know you’re making an environmentally friendly choice by saving paper. 

Available Electronic Documents

Monthly Account Statements

Loan Statements

Credit and Debit Card Statements

Tax Statements

Account Letters and Notices


Sign Up for Electronic Documents

Step 1

Log in to your Wellby online banking portal via the login button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Steps 2

Select “Electronic Documents” from the tab menu. Read and submit  the   Electronic  Documents terms agreement.

Steps 3

Within one business day, your request will be approved, and you can start viewing, printing, and downloading your Electronic Documents online!

Saying Yes to Electronic Documents

It’s fast and easy to make the switch to Electronic Documents, giving you access to your archived account documents as a Wellby member. 

Electronic Documents FAQ

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ pages for answers.  

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