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Wellby Financial

Digital Wallet

Make quick and secure payments using your mobile device at checkout with your preferred digital wallet app

Security and Convenience

Your digital wallet provides convenience at checkout and offers additional security layers to help protect your Wellby debit and credit cards and funds. Use your digital wallet in-store, online, or in your apps, so you can tap, pay, and be on your way.

Connect Your Cards Today!

It's easy to add your Wellby credit or debit card directly to your preferred digital wallet through the mobile app, so you can start using contactless payments faster,

Easy to Set Up and Easy to Use

Step 1

Add your Wellby debit or credit card to your digital wallet.



Step 2

Look for the contactless symbol in stores or your preferred wallet’s logo at checkout online.


Step 3

Hold your phone up to the symbol on contactless terminals or click to log in with your wallet’s ID when paying online.

Download Our Mobile App

Download the Wellby mobile app today and connect your Wellby cards to your digital wallet.

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Digital Wallet FAQs

Learn how to set up your digital wallet and start using it in stores and online today. 

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How does a digital wallet work?
Where can I use my digital wallet?