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Youth Savings

Teach them they can achieve even the loftiest financial goals, with savings accounts designed for kids and teens.

Build the Foundation for Sound Financial Habits

The Wellby Early Start Savings (kids age 6–12) and Wellby Achievement Savings (teens age 13—17) accounts can help you teach your kids about financial responsibility, so they start their journey off on the right foot.

  • Open an account with a $10 initial deposit.
  • No minimum balance required after opening their account.
  • $0 monthly service fee.
  • Easy and secure account monitoring through the Wellby mobile app and online banking portal.

A Savings Account that Grows with Them

When your teen turns 18 years old, their Achievement Savings account automatically upgrades to a Wellby Savings account.

No One Likes Fees, No Matter Their Age

Each account offers a $0 monthly service fee, so your focus can be on building good money habits and teaching them about interest, savings, and finances.

Control and Account Monitoring

Each Youth Savings account is filed jointly with a parent or guardian, who is an active Wellby member. As the adult on the account, you can monitor their activity directly, online or from your mobile app anytime. Kickstart their financial journey with guidance and support each step of the way.

Savings for Now and the Future

Wellby Early Start Savings Accounts and Wellby Achievement Savings Accounts earn interest based on their account balance. The more they save, the more prepared they’ll be for the future.

Set Savings Goals: Big or Small

Whether they’re saving birthday money or budgeting for their first car, you can help them create savings goals so you can monitor their progress together. Long-term or short-term, help them stay on the right track to financial wellness.

Identity Theft Recovery Services

All Wellby members with a deposit account receive complimentary fully managed identity theft recovery services. If you suspect identity fraud, a professional is standing by to help.

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Compare Savings Accounts

ProductWellby SavingsWellby Savings PlusWellby Achievement SavingsWellby Early Start SavingsWellby IRA SavingsWellby IRA Certificates
Initial Deposit$0$25$5$5$0Varies
Monthly Dividends
Direct Deposits
Online Account Management
Mobile Account Management
No Minimum Balance
Identity Theft Recovery

Wellby Early Start Savings

Wellby Achievement Savings


Wellby Early Start Savings

BalancesDividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Minimum Opening DepositMinimum Balance to Earn APYMinimum Balance to Avoid Service FeeDividends CompoundedDividend Credited









Good Habits Start Here

Your child can start saving today with a Wellby Early Start or Achievement Savings account and build the foundation for good banking habits. Apply online and let’s start the journey together.

Youth Savings Account FAQs

Not sure which kid-friendly savings account is right for you and your future Wellby member? Learn more about the benefits that start with Wellby today.

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Is there an initial deposit requirement to open one of Wellby’s youth savings accounts?