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Our members’ needs are at the center of everything we do. That’s why we work hard to continuously build a better experience with every interaction. At the heart of our new brand and digital transformation is our commitment to creating and delivering exceptional service. These upcoming changes are exciting, and we hope you’ll explore and use the added features and functionality around every corner. 

We’re here to serve you and ensure you have all the resources you need throughout the transition and beyond. Explore our FAQ section to learn more about what you can expect. 

Spending Account FAQs

Explore our new checking accounts, designed to fit your financial goals, while offering you a better banking experience.
Your checking account(s) transitioned to a new checking product effective October 11, 2021. You can view details for the new Wellby Spending accounts by clicking the link below.
You’ll find answers to common questions, including:

  • What are the features and benefits of the Wellby Spending, Wellby Secure Spending, and Wellby Spending Plus accounts?
  • What type of account have I been converted to now that Wellby has launched?
  • Are there options to waive the fee associated with the Wellby Secure Spending and Wellby Spending Plus accounts?

Compare Wellby Spending Accounts

Quicken, Quickbooks & Mint FAQs

We upgraded our online and mobile banking system on October 11, 2021. If you are a Quicken or QuickBooks user, the online and mobile banking upgrade requires that you make changes to your Quicken or QuickBooks software. Instructions are available below.

Quicken, QuickBooks & Mint Updates

Rebrand FAQs

Why did JSC Federal Credit Union change their name to Wellby?
Is Wellby still considered a Federal Credit Union?

Technology Upgrade FAQs

Why did JSC FCU convert to new technologies?
Is my personal and financial information secure?

Online Mobile & Phone Banking FAQs

Do I need to update my username or password for Wellby's online and mobile banking services?
When I log into online or mobile banking, will I see all of my accounts?
Can I customize the accounts I see on my main dashboard in online and mobile banking?
Regarding bill pay, were my payees, history, and scheduled bill payments carried over to the new online and mobile banking app?
Do I need to re-enroll in eStatements?
Did my notifications and eBills (electronic billing statements for an eBill capable payee, such as a credit card company) carry over to the new bill pay service?
Will my Wellby statements look different in online and mobile banking than my old JSC FCU statements??
Is applying for a Wellby loan or new account different than JSC FCU?
Can I make payments to my loans in online and mobile banking?
Can I pay my bills online with Wellby online and mobile banking??
Can I scheduled single and recurring transfers between my accounts?
Can I make mobile check deposits in online and mobile banking?
Can I order checks in online and mobile banking?
Can I send secure messages to Wellby through online and mobile banking?
Does Wellby offer a voice banking service?

Member Service FAQs

Did my member number change? 
Will my current JSC FCU debit and credit cards still work?
What is Wellby's routing number?
Did my savings and/or checking account number change?
Did my debit or credit card number change?
I still have old JSC FCU checks, can these still be used?
Do I have to update my direct deposit?
Was JSC Federal Credit Union bought by another company?

Solution Center FAQs

Did the hours of operation for my solution center change?
Will you be expanding to new areas/locations?
Will existing solution centers be updated or remodeled?